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CULINARY ART (Cool Cusine)
Classes IX - XII


Use your creativity to stir up the healthiest sandwich that you can think of with vegetable ingredients.

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation - 30%

  • Taste - 30%

  • Hygiene - 30%

  • Viva - 10%


  • No. of participants : 2

  • 2 hours to prepare and to assemble.

  • Participants should procure their ingredients, menu and recipe.

  • Only Vegetarian items can be used for spread and filling  (edible vegetables, cheese, chutney, butter etc.)

  • Egg mayonnaise is not allowed.

  • No cooking is allowed.

  • All cutting, peeling, slicing, assembling etc. should be done during the competition time. 

  • Only toothpick, palm leaves, bamboo skewer, butter paper, cling film, aluminum foil etc. are allowed.

  • Metal wire, glue, artifical colours etc are not allowed.

  • Competition will start at 8.30 am.


Subject: Healthy Vegetable Sandwich

Spot registration is not entertained

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