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Cool Cuisine
Classes IX - XII


Use your creativity to stir up the healthiest sandwich that you can think of. 
Examples: Various kinds of bread, wraps (Chapathi, Roomali roti, Tortillas, Pita etc )
as the base, in addition to the healthy filling.

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation - 30%

  • Taste - 30%

  • Hygiene - 30%

  • Viva - 10%


  • No. of participants : 2

  • 2 hours to prepare and to assemble.

  • Participants should procure their ingredients, menu and recipe

  • Additional plates, cutlery etc for presentation should be brought to the venue

  • No pork, beef or lard should be used

  • No cooking is allowed.

  • If necessary, you can pre cook items at home and bringit. But make sure that it is in proper condition.

  • Evaluation will be done on the final product based on the Base, Spread, Filling & Garnish as per the theme.


Subject: Healthy sandwich

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