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Riding Reels
(Instagram Reels)
Classes VIII - XII

Let the world see your creativity


Are you good at making videos on social networks? Let the world see your creativity. Make a great video on the Rajagiri campus. Tag us and post it using hashtags.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity

  • Transitions

  • Audio

  • Effects


  • Subject: On the spot

  • Medium: Mobile phone

  • Uploading platform: Instagram

  • Duration: 90 sec (Reels)

  • No. of participants: 2 (Any number of team can participate)

  • Time: 3 hrs

  • Videos should be uploaded only with provided hashtags and tagging details.

  • The reel must be creative and original and it must showcase the participants' creativity.

  • The reel must be posted on the team’s public Instagram account.

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