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•  Entry forms and list of students should reach school by 6th September 2022
•  Schools are requested to register for the competition by 8 am on 17th

   September 2022
•  All items should be presented in English unless specified otherwise
•  A participant may take part in only one item
•  It is necessary that all items are accompanied by a teacher
•  Judges' decision will be final and binding
•  Participants are permitted to contact the Teacher in charge of the items

   between 5 pm & 7 pm for clarification
•  Use of fire and any dangerous props is discouraged
•  Ensure that the green room keys are handed over to our school volunteers

   assigned to you before leaving the campus
•  Use of mobile phones and cameras are strictly prohibited on the School 

•  No harm should be made to the School Property. Our campus is plastic free,       hence use of plastic items should be avoided
•  Any items spreading anti-social thoughts will be disqualified
•  Vulgarity of any sort will lead to disqualification
•  Entering the stage in school uniform is not allowed for both participants as

   well as volunteers

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