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Classes IX - XII

Let's give a Makeover to Veggies
Create magic with knives


Subject: ‘Fruits and Vegetable carving’ (Any item can be showcased with maximum number of carved vegetables and fruits)

Judging Criteria

  •       No.of units used

  •       Quality of work

  •       Overall performance


  • Materials: Fruits & Vegetables

  • No. of participants: 2

  • Time: 2 hours (To prepare and assemble)

  • Participants are requested to bring all necessary materials.

  • Any fruit or vegetable associated with culinary art can be used. Fresh herbs, lettuce, spring onion, lemon grass, lemon leaves & leeks are allowed.

  • All carving, assembling, peeling and cutting shall be done only during the actual competition.

  • Only toothpicks, palm & bamboo skewers are allowed. Wire, glue, spray, and artificial colouring are NOT allowed.

  • Artificial leaves and flowers are not permitted. Competition will start at 8.30 am.


Spot registration is not entertained

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